JJ ALIMENTOS is a company with family tradition and more than 25 years experience in the supply and distribution of food, fruit and vegetables. Over the years we have consolidated product quality, personalized services and client support, on-time delivery and satisfaction of our customers.

Our mission is to ensure, from purchase to delivery, quality and fresh products with their natural properties.

Given the professionalism of its founder, JJ ALIMENTOS has grown as a company, gained experience in public and private contracts through competitive prices and quality, which allows us to offer our customers the best products in the segment.
JJ Alimentos - CEAGESP, Av. Dr. Gastão Vidigal, 1946 - Pav. AMB
Setor de Diversos - Box 11 a 14 - CEP: 05314-000 - Vl. Leopoldina - São Paulo - SP
11 3645-4389 / 3643-8455/3228-3877/3228-6177  |
Horário de Atendimento: Segunda a Sexta das 8h às 18h e Sábado das 9h às 12h.
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